IPhone 13 Latest News, 120Hz Refresh Rate Has Been Confirmed

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The time has come to September, and the time for Apple's autumn conference is getting closer and closer. Many users can't bear their excitement. Regarding the configuration information of the iPhone 13 series, most of them have been confirmed. Although Apple's confidentiality measures are quite strict, it is still unavoidable to leak relevant information in the supply chain. In today's internet age, this is inevitable. However, regarding these revelations, until the press conference is confirmed, it is impossible to be sure that all revelations are correct. Today I will summarize the more reliable configuration information of iPhone 13:

Release time: On sale on September 17

There is no definite time for Apple's press conference, and it can only be guessed that it will be released in mid-September. However, recently broke the news that the iPhone 13 series will go on sale on September 17.

In terms of models: four models

The iPhone 13 series still has four models, and it has not cancelled the mini series that netizens are not optimistic about. However, it is worth noting that there is a big gap between the iPhone 13 and iPhone13mini and the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Image aspect: lens upgrade

Starting from previous generations of iPhone, shadows may appear when taking pictures on iPhone phones, mainly because the lens material uses sapphire material, which has a relatively low light transmittance. This phenomenon is particularly prominent on the iPhone 12 series. Apple discovered the seriousness of this phenomenon, repaired it on iPhone 13, and upgraded the lens material. Each lens of the rear camera module will be in, with the blessing of Apple's excellent tuning capabilities, the image performance will be quite excellent. Especially iPhone13 Pro Max, will occupy the first place in DXOMARK.


Screen: 60Hz / 120Hz

While Android phones generally support 120 Hz high refresh rate, all iPhone 12 series still only support 60 Hz refresh rate, so users will want to target iPhone 13. It is reported that the iPhone 13 series will support 120 Hz refresh rate, but it should be noted that only iPhone 13 Pro and above versions support 120 Hz refresh rate, and it also has LTPO adaptive refresh rate technology. The standard version and mini version are still 60 Hz refresh rate. . So if you want to experience the 120 Hz refresh rate screen, you need to start with iPhone13Pro and above models.


Performance: A15 chip, lower power consumption

It has been confirmed that the entire iPhone 13 series will be equipped with the A15 bionic chip. This chip still uses a 5nm upgrade process. Compared with the A14, the performance is improved by only about 20%. However, in terms of power consumption control, it has the experience of the first 5G chip A14. Very good in power consumption control, with large-capacity battery and LTPO technology, iPhone 13 series battery life will be greatly improved.

Endurance: battery capacity upgrade, 25 watts fast charge

I believe everyone knows the battery life of the iPhone 12, which is the biggest shortcoming of the iPhone 12. Although Apple introduced the Magsafe external power supply for the iPhone 12, the charging rate is only about 10 watts, and it generates a lot of heat. Compared with the 120-watt wired fast charging and 50-watt wireless charging, which are quite common in Android flagships, Apple is obviously inferior.


The iPhone 13's built-in battery capacity has been upgraded this time, and it will also be upgraded to a 25-watt wired fast charge. However, because of the dual-layer motherboard design, the heating problem certainly still exists and will not be greatly improved.


Write at the end

The entire iPhone 13 series does have a big upgrade, but the upgrade range is large, and the better experience is still the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, A15 chip + 120Hz screen + stronger camera module, the whole machine configuration is quite powerful, and it will There is a very good experience.

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