OPPO Reno5 Hands-on Experience: Appearance and Performance Coexist

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At the beginning of the year, OPPO released the Reno4 phone. As a mobile phone with outstanding appearance and overall performance, it has also gained recognition from many consumers.

Towards the end of the year, OPPO once again updated the Reno product line and brought the Reno5 series of mobile phones. So what surprises does the new generation of Reno5 bring to everyone, and what kind of experience does it have?

The appearance is still the "first attraction"

People are "visual animals" and have a high pursuit of appearance. The most attractive thing about Reno5 this time is the upgraded appearance design.


OPPO Reno5, like Reno5 Pro, adopts the upgraded star diamond process. After trying different materials and etching solutions, the previous generation crystal diamond is upgraded to a pyramid structure, which makes the size of each star diamond particle larger and larger. With a larger reflective area, it will be more shining and transparent than the ordinary AG matte structure.


At the same time, this structure also brings better hydrophobicity, which can largely avoid the residue of oil stains and fingerprints.

The back of the fuselage has a hyperboloid structure with greater curvature and a more comfortable feel to the touch. And the transition between the back cover and the middle frame is very natural, and it feels more integrated in the hand. And Reno5 is also one of the very thin and light 5G mobile phones at present, the thickness is only 7.9mm, the color of Aurora Blue and Moonlight Black is 172g, even the heaviest color of Galaxy Dreaming in my hand is only 180g, which takes great care of my little finger.


The position of the camera module is the same as that of the Pro version. It is a rear-mounted four-camera configuration. The flashes together form a rounded rectangular camera module.

The front of the fuselage is a 6.43-inch straight screen. Compared to the curved screen, I prefer the straight screen. Although there is no rounded curved screen, it will be more convenient to operate. The operating experience and look and feel of the straight screen are enhanced. sub option. At the same time, this is also a screen that supports 90Hz refresh rate, the display effect is smooth, and it is also very useful for players who like to play games.


The front camera also adopts a hole-digging design. The 32-megapixel water-light lens in the upper left corner has a first-class Selfie effect, and it also supports the new AI radiant video beauty function.

The bottom of the fuselage is the headphone jack, speaker and Type-C interface, which retains the 3.5mm headphone jack praise, especially for friends who like to play games, wired headphones will perform better.

Beauty has always been one of the most touching aspects of the OPPO Reno series, and Reno5 5G is no exception. The brand-new appearance upgrade makes Reno5 one of the most capable phones.

A photo weapon in the era of national video

OPPO products have always performed very well in imaging. Since the popularization of 5G, video has become one of the most popular tracks recognized by everyone. OPPO also continues to increase its technology accumulation in the video field. In addition to the super anti-shake technology that has been added before, this time it brings FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology and AI radiant video beauty.

OPPO has spotted the demand for portraits in the short video era, and has added the AI radiant video beauty function to Reno5. It sets 296 feature points on the face for recognition, and can intelligently design makeup according to yourself. The need for personalized adjustment.

Moreover, this function can be used in both video and photo shooting.

The FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology that was unveiled at the OPPO Future Technology Conference not long ago was applied to Reno5 for the first time. It is mainly divided into two parts, one is the perception portrait engine, which can quickly and accurately recognize the face to achieve real-time beauty . The other is the image quality enhancement engine, which can achieve excellent video shooting effects no matter how complex the scene is in the full scene.


As for the rear camera, the main camera is 64 million pixel camera, supplemented by 8 million pixel super wide-angle, 2 million pixel portrait and 2 million pixel macro lens. The overall imaging specifications are very mainstream. Together with OPPO's algorithm upgrades, it has brought very good image performance.



It can be seen that Reno5 has shown first-class imaging effects whether it is in the case of sufficient light or night scene shooting in dim scenes. The fur details of the cat are restored very clearly, and the resolution of the 64-megapixel camera is very good. At the same time, under the blessing of HDR, whether it is a dim scene or a large light ratio, the dark details are preserved as much as possible.

The performance is sufficient for gamers

OPPO Reno5 uses the same Snapdragon 765G processor as the previous generation in performance. Although there is no obvious upgrade in configuration, the performance of this god U Snapdragon 765G is still one of the best in a group of high-end chips.

Select a few games that you often play for testing, OPPO Reno5 5G can run completely stress-free, and there is no lag in the whole process. For young people, mobile games have become a very popular leisure item. OPPO Reno5's performance in terms of performance can naturally meet the needs of absolute mobile game users.


Large 4350mAh battery, meeting the needs of a whole day of use

Another very important aspect is battery life. OPPO Reno5 has a large battery of 4350mAh, which can fully meet the needs of a whole day under heavy daily use. And it is equipped with OPPO’s SuperVOOC 2.0 technology, which can achieve a 65W super flash charge. The phone can be fully charged in 35 minutes and the charging speed is also very fast. With sufficient power and ultra-fast flash charging, there will be no battery life anxiety when using OPPO Reno5.


Write at the end

OPPO Reno5 is a product that begins with appearance and ends with experience. Among today's thick and heavy products, OPPO Reno5, which is light, thin and novel in design, is very beautiful and very attractive at first glance. And when you get a deeper understanding, after using it for a period of time, you will be deeply moved by the overall good performance, as well as the quite eye-catching images and charging. OPPO Reno5 is still that OPPO style product, and will always give you a very good experience.

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