Can HUAWEI P50, Which Does Not Support 5G, Compete With iPhone 13?

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After waiting for a long time, HUAWEI finally released the HUAWEI P50 series of mobile phones. Although this new phone is late, it is enough to show HUAWEI's attitude and strength. HUAWEI P50 scored the highest score of DxOmark image when it was released, becoming the next-generation camera king among the current Android phones.

Unfortunately, due to various restrictions, HUAWEI P50 does not support 5G, which makes it incompatible with this universal 5G environment.

On the night that HUAWEI P50 was released, the 5G version of HUAWEI Mate 40 began to increase prices in various channels, and even the second-hand market began a wave of increases.

The data shows that the second-hand Mate 40 has increased by nearly 10%, and even the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G has a price increase of about 7%.


The biggest selling point of HUAWEI P50 is not 5G, but it still has extraordinary significance.

Every year, Apple releases a new iPhone in the fall, giving fruit fans a reason to upgrade their phones.

What about...HUAWEI?

Earlier when people saw HUAWEI Mate 40 becoming HUAWEI's swan song, they all regretted it.

HUAWEI P50 came to the voice. Although it was late, it still stands in the industry. The lack of 5G is indeed its flaw in some sense, but the P50 is indeed not released for release. Its appearance may be to prove HUAWEI Stubborn and tenacious.

The First HarmonyOS + Strongest Image

The HUAWEI P50 Pro without 5G sells for more than $1,000, which some old HUAWEI users think is acceptable.

The HUAWEI P50 series is HUAWEI’s first mobile phone product equipped with the Hongmeng OS system, and the imaging system currently has the highest score for DxOmark imaging.

HUAWEI regards the Hongmeng ecology and the strongest imaging system as the biggest selling point of its products to make up for its lack of 5G. The intention is actually very clear-"In the existing mobile phone manufacturing environment, to create the strongest mobile device."

Yes, this is very "HUAWEI".

Since the release of the HUAWEI P50 series and the start of pre-sales, it has been snatched up. The current situation is too important for HUAWEI to keep the heat... The HUAWEI P50 channel has already experienced a premium. How much is the actual increase in price? Real machine, only when it is officially released, can you know...


Written at the end:

HUAWEI P50 does not have 5G, which is a kind of "survival with broken arms" in a sense. HUAWEI can also list the strongest 4G mobile phone, which is already "HUAWEI".

Perhaps the iPhone 13 Pro released next month can compete with HUAWEI P50 Pro in terms of imaging, but the ecology of Hongmeng seems to be irreplaceable.


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