HUAWEI P50 Will Be Released In The Third Quarter, The Price Becomes The Biggest Suspense

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To say that this year’s "Bounce King" mobile phone is none other than the HUAWEI P50. It was first released in April and May, and then it was released in June. Now June is here, and it’s the third quarter. Many users Said, "I have been waiting for a long time."


There is news that HUAWEI P50 may be released in July and August in the third quarter, and the conference will be earlier than September or before the iPhone 13 series. At present, the parameters and appearance of Huawei P50 are basically exposed. The biggest suspense is the price.


HUAWEI P50 will use Huawei’s Kirin 9000 series of chips. In terms of screen, HUAWEI P50 will use Visionox’s screen, HUAWEI P50 Pro will mix Visionox and BOE screens, and HUAWEI P50 Pro Plus will use BOE. Screen. The appearance design adopts the form of center-mounted single-hole punch, and the dual-hole front camera, which many people think is really ugly. The rear camera module may use Sony's latest sensor IMX800. According to the continuation of Huawei's P series, the imaging system will have a very good performance.


The system will adopt the Hongmeng system. Judging from the performance of the current Hongmeng OS2.0, there will be good fluency and a comfortable experience. I also mentioned that the price may become the biggest suspense this time. According to the price of the P series, a prediction is made that the price of HUAWEI P50 may start at US$899.

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