How to Buy?--Buyer’s Guide on

Wanna buy some network devices online but not sure how?
Tell You “How to Buy” network products on you've never purchased anything online before, how do you get started? We will tell you 3 simple ways to buy your network products at

Step 1:Find your item.
Enter your keywords into the search box located at the right top of any page

Step 2:Learn about the item you found.
For example, search for "E6878-370",Then click to read the item description carefully.

Step 3: Buy Items Online.
Step-by-step instructions help you buy online at
"Add to Cart"&"Process To Checkout"

Contact Information & Shipping Address

Fill in the detailed information that contains your Contact Information &Shipping Address, (If you get the Coupon Code, you can enter it and save more.)

Shipping method

Payment Method & Billing Address

Note:No matter which payment terms you choose, you need to add you shipping and billing address (They may be the same).And then go to select the payment method and complete order

Step 4: Track and Receive Your Goods.

Once you have paid your order successfully, we will deal with them as soon as possible. And a tracking number will be sent to your mailbox. You can track your goods by this number on DHL/FedEx/UPS website.