In 2021, What Will OPPO A93 Impress Consumers In The 5G Era?

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For the digital circle, the first model released by mobile phone manufacturers in 2021 is bound to be full of highlights, and to open up a new situation. As for OPPO, before the release of its flagship new product OPPO Find X3 series, it quietly launched a new 5G machine OPPO A93, and it went on sale on January 20th. As OPPO's start in 2021, OPPO A93 is bound to have a lot of excellence. Today, we might as well appreciate the OPPO A93 together through the form of picture appreciation to see if it has the development potential of "powerful work".


In view of different product lines, OPPO has always been in place in terms of appearance design, and the same is true for OPPO A93. This time, OPPO A93 has a very beautiful visual perception, offering three colors of Aurora, Elegant Silver and Hyun Black. Among them, the aurora color uses a new liquid crystal coating process, the color changes with the light, and flows between the palms; while the dazzling black ceramic is coated with a layer of varnish, which is visually transparent; the elegant silver uses a matte process to make the touch Warm and smooth to the touch. The three styles of color matching can satisfy consumers' various appearance needs, which is well considered.


The thin and light feel will also be a strong perception point of OPPO A93, which aims to bring consumers a relaxed and portable product. In terms of body size, OPPO A93 has a thickness of 8.4mm and a weight of 188g. These two data are also very advantageous even in high-end models, not to mention that they are rare in the hundreds of dollars. In daily use, OPPO A93 allows users to comfortably hold with one hand and easily carry it. Even if it is holding and playing games for a long time, it is still a friendly existence for the little finger.


After appreciating the beautiful design on the back, we set our sights on the front of OPPO A93. This time, the new machine uses a brand new 6.5-inch wide color gamut single-hole large screen with a resolution of 2400x1080 and a 100% PCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut, which brings a very delicate visual perception and color display Very pleasing. In addition, this colorful screen has a high refresh rate of 90Hz + a touch sampling rate of 180Hz, ensuring a silky smooth visual perception and follow-up operation in the game. It also relies on the all-weather AI eye protection function to protect the eyes of every user even when the machine is used for a long time.


Compared with many competing products at this price, OPPO A93's memory combination this time can be described as eye-catching. Rarely, it is directly equipped with a large memory combination of "8+256GB". The core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (supporting dual-mode 5G) ensures that operations such as downloading applications and starting games can be completed more quickly. Moreover, this smooth running experience also has a guarantee of durability. With the AI self-smooth system in ColorOS 11.1, OPPO A93 can ensure that the phone is always smooth from the bottom of the system, and it will not be stuck for long periods of time.


In terms of battery life, OPPO A93's performance is also quite eye-catching, especially with the advantages of its 8.4mm thick + 188g weight as mentioned above, it also plugs a 5000mAh large battery, which is enough to say goodbye to the trouble of charging over a day. According to official information, in the case of full power, OPPO A93 can support TikTok for about 12 hours or 9 hours of WeChat video time, which is quite long-lasting. And even when the battery is in emergency, users can turn on the "super power saving mode". Even when the battery is only 10%, OPPO A93 can continue to chat for 2.5 hours of WeChat text, effectively alleviating the anxiety of power consumption.


As for the shooting experience, OPPO A93 is equipped with a smart triple-camera combination of 48 million ultra-clear main camera + 2 million black and white portrait lens + 2 million macro lens, and 8 million front AI beauty. The high-pixel main camera ensures high quality The filming effect. The software algorithm has increased the quality of the film. For example, through the super-resolution algorithm, the A93 can synthesize "billion-pixel" photos. Even if you zoom in, the photos are still quite clear. In addition, it is also equipped with hardware-level portrait blur function, AI portrait beauty, video super anti-shake, ultra-clear night scene and other functions. The rich camera mode is enough to meet the needs of users.


Through the above-mentioned multi-dimensional analysis, let us return to the question at the beginning of the article, "Can OPPO A93 become a qualified masterpiece?" Presumably for many people, the answer should be yes, especially since it has a fairly balanced performance in the overall quality, with 8GB+256GB large memory and 5000mAh battery advantages, and at the same time, it looks like a dual-mode 5G chip, 90Hz colorful eye protection The configuration of the screen and the 48 million smart three-camera can also bring a very enjoyable experience to users. I believe that for many people with limited budgets, the OPPO A93, which is priced at $300, should be a good choice.

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