Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra: The New All-Rounder With Excellent Visual Perception Experience!

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Recently, the new King Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G has caught the attention of many consumers in the market, becoming the most powerful phone in the industry with a series of top-notch operations and the new Galaxy ecosystem, which has been widely praised by people inside and outside the industry. So which designs of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra are the most popular? The author summarizes the following points.


120Hz adaptive refresh rate screen for a premium visual perception experience

Unlike its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is equipped with a screen with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which can dynamically adjust the screen refresh rate according to the screen content, such as text and web pages and other static content 11-20Hz, video movies and TV shows 20-60Hz, and games can be switched to This means that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra can automatically adjust the screen refresh rate according to the content displayed on the screen, and present different content in a colorful way, perfectly restoring the best visual effect and ensuring users can get a quality visual experience in different application scenarios.

Thanks to the smart self-adjusting screen design, the phone's battery life has been further improved. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is equipped with an enhanced S Pen, and when you use the S Pen to write and draw on the large 120Hz screen, the pen stroke accuracy and stroke response is greatly improved, and the writing experience is closer to that of real pen and paper.


Support Samsung DeX wireless screen, small and large screens do not interfere with each other.

In order to enhance the usability of the phone in multiple scenarios and enable real-time sharing of multiple phone functions, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra also includes Samsung DeX wireless mode. In our daily life, we can use this feature to easily connect to other large-screen devices, so that small and large screens do not interfere with each other, or both can work together to enhance the competitive experience.

For example, we can use a white wall as a projection screen to play videos, online classes, or make video calls to friends on the big screen. We can use the small screen as a touchpad for control, or use the small screen to browse other applications, take notes with Samsung Notes, and so on.


Meanwhile, those who like to play games and relax can also turn their phones into grips with the help of this feature to further liberate their vision and get the ultimate immersive experience with the phone. It is worth mentioning here that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is equipped with the luxury of Snapdragon 865 Plus + LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 + 4500mAh battery, which not only ensures the phone's all-day battery life, but also strong performance, even running large handheld games can be smooth and comfortable with zero lag. In addition, in terms of gaming performance and endurance performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has also received a dual certification certificate from China's Tyrell Labs, which has been widely recognized by authorities inside and outside the industry.

UWB spatial awareness technology adds to the new Galaxy eco-experience

In addition to top performance and an adaptive screen refresh rate, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra also supports UWB spatial awareness with UWB-based Nearby Share and Digital Zoom. The Digital Key feature. The "Nearby Sharing" feature allows you to share information with other Android phones, and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra can seamlessly connect to any phone that supports this technology. The latter is similar to the NFC feature that is currently the mainstay of mobile phone manufacturers, which allows you to use your phone to unlock a door or a car, while the UWB spatial awareness technology will also allow you to identify the location of objects and other interesting ways to play. This functional upgrade will undoubtedly make the mobile phone into a central hub, allowing users to maximize the convenience of smart life.


In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has upgraded the Bixby voice assistant, Bixby vision, and supports 8K video recording and IP68 dust and water resistance. It takes into account the needs of different users to use the phone, and shows the charm of a high-quality phone in the details.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is worthy of the title of "King" of the mobile phone industry. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is a great addition to any mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is currently on sale, and it's a must-see for those who want to get their hands on a new high-quality device.

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