VIVO iQOO Neo5 Experience: a New Definition Of The Ultimate Performance Experience

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Nowadays, smart phones have become an important part of our lives. Payment, travel, daily work, and entertainment are all inseparable from the help of mobile phones. Therefore, when we buy a mobile phone, the most important basis for judging is the quality of the mobile phone experience. After all, a good computer experience can bring more convenience and fun to our lives. When it comes to the experience of using the computer, performance is naturally the most important point, especially for those who like games, the powerful performance undoubtedly determines whether the game is smooth and smooth. On March 16, 2021, the iQOO brand, known for its powerful performance, released the new iQOO Neo5. So what are the highlights of this phone in terms of performance?


1. Excellent hardware is the foundation of powerful performance

Powerful performance must be built on the basis of excellent hardware. iQOO Neo5 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor. As the latest flagship processor released by Qualcomm, Snapdragon 870's process technology and architecture configuration are all first-class in the industry. The existence of Snapdragon 870, and this also created the powerful performance strength of the Snapdragon 870. With its blessing, iQOO Neo5 has excellent performance in 5G, performance, games, and photography. In addition, iQOO Neo5 is also equipped with an enhanced version of UFS 3.1 ultra-fast flash memory, which can provide a faster read and write rate for mobile phones, making it one step faster in loading large files and launching applications. With the support of powerful performance, iQOO Neo5 ran an excellent score of 641,175 in the Antutu running score test, which proves its strength.


2. Independent display chip blessing, the experience is longer and smoother

Powerful performance can naturally improve the experience of using the machine. However, although there are not a few mobile phones with powerful performance on the market, there are very few mobile phones that can ensure that the mobile phone is in a high-performance state for a long time and remain stable and smooth. In order to solve the many pain points encountered by users in the past when using mobile phones, iQOO Neo5 is also equipped with an independent display chip. Through a series of optimization technologies, it improves the user's experience of using the machine from two aspects: frame rate and display.


For example, the high-frame marathon function can ensure that the frame rate remains stable and smooth when the mobile phone is in high-performance scenes such as games for a long time, so that users can get a more durable high-frame rate smooth experience. There is also a game frame rate multiplication function. By adding transition frames between the traditional two frames of the game, the game frame rate of 60 frames and above can be increased to a higher frame rate, allowing users to have a smoother game playing Visual experience.


3. Comprehensive protection, no worries about using the machine experience

Of course, if the mobile phone is in a high-performance scene for a long time, it will inevitably experience heat generation and insufficient battery life, but these are not problems for iQOO Neo5. iQOO Neo5 is equipped with a full-coverage liquid cooling system, which has a very good comprehensive heat dissipation capacity, which can well improve power consumption and heating problems, thereby effectively avoiding the stalls and delays caused by the heat of the mobile phone. In addition, iQOO Neo5 is equipped with 66W flash charging technology. When the battery is insufficient, it only takes 30 minutes to fully charge the phone to 100%, which greatly saves the user's time in charging and improves the efficiency and experience of the phone.


4. New audiovisual experience, more immersive experience

In addition, iQOO Neo5 is also equipped with a 120Hz racing screen that supports a maximum 120Hz screen refresh rate and a 300Hz touch report rate. While providing users with a better visual experience, it can also bring more user-friendly control. Hand feel, whether it is daily use or playing games, it is more handy. Moreover, iQOO Neo5 is also equipped with surround-type stereo double speakers, which can create a more atmospheric audio-visual experience for users, and the experience is more immersive.


5. Write at the end

In fact, no matter how the form of the mobile phone changes and the functions are perfect, its core purpose is to better serve users and bring users a high-quality experience. And during the time I used iQOO Neo5, I can really feel that iQOO is making products with heart, and it can be said that it takes into account all aspects of the user's daily use of the machine. If you are also troubled by a lot of pain points, then iQOO Neo5 can definitely help you solve this.


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