After Separating From HUAWEI, Is Honor 50 Worth Buying?

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Since the division of Honor from Huawei, Honor finally released its first digital series model on the eve of 618. Although the division has been for a while, Honor 50 can still see a lot of Huawei’s shadows. After the release, there are also many people on the Internet. Are you wondering if Honor 50 is worth buying? There are three products in the Honor 50 series, namely Honor 50 SE, Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro. Among them, Honor 50 SE adopts Dimensity 900 and LCD screen configuration, while Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro adopt Snapdragon 778G and curved OLED screen. Configuration. After reading the configuration, anyone who understands should go to Honor 50 or Honor 50 Pro.

Honor 50, High-performance Full Frame Experience


Honor 50 not only carries the world's first Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chip, but also transplants GPU Turbo X and LINK Turbo to the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform for the first time. GPU Turbo X can achieve the full frame experience of popular games in the Honor 50 series, while the LINK Turbo technology will support dual SIM dual WLAN four-network intelligent collaboration. When I experience the glory of the king with the Honor 50, I did not feel the stutter at all, or even I feel that the internet is much smoother during the game.

Honor 50, High-profile Value Shocking Visual Enjoyment


In addition to the excellent performance, what is more satisfying is the high appearance of the Honor 50. The Honor 50 inherits the aesthetic genes of the Honor Digital series and adopts a very distinctive dual-mirror design. The two major lens circles of the main camera look very conspicuous. And there are 4 colors, in addition to the classic black and cyan, as well as crystal white and amber pink, each can meet the preferences of different people and audiences.

Honor 50, Gold Size Shocking Curved Screen


In addition, the Honor 50 screen is equipped with a 6.57-inch OLED curved screen, which can be grasped by normal adults. The curved screen also makes the visual experience more shocking while the grip is excellent. In addition, all Honor 50 series support 1.07 billion color display, 120Hz screen refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate. Usually, when reading some novels or playing games, the screen images are very full and comfortable.

The camera function of Honor 50 is also very difficult. The 32-megapixel high-definition front camera Selfie vlog is not a problem. The rear lens dual lens is 100 million pixel main camera + 8 million wide-angle lens + 2 million macro lens + 2 million depth-of-field lens . And when shooting a video, you can also record the video through the microphone of the TWS headset, so that even if the phone is fixed at a distance to shoot, the voice of speech can still be recorded clearly.

In addition to these high performance and visual high-quality experience, Honor 50 also has many thoughtful and convenient designs, such as the NFC smart flash card 2.0 that can realize smart switching between bus cards or access control cards, opening doors faster, without manual selection. Although we talked about the performance, configuration, appearance and other factors of the Honor 50, if the Honor 50 and your needs are just right, you can actually ignore these requirements and purchase. I don’t think you have to worry too much about the quality. After all, it’s from Huawei. Those from the big family are still trustworthy in terms of production technology.

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